Registration for BiCon on-site is now open until June 24th – register here!
(Off-site or online tickets can be bought right up to the day!)

We don't make a profit from BiCon, but we base our prices on how much it costs us per person who attends (£194.10 – £141 for the university space, £53.10 for ents, creche, publicity and other background bits).

Not everyone can afford the full cost, which is why we have had sliding scale prices since the first BiCons – meaning that reduced financial security isn't a reason attendees will be excluded.

Until 2019, ticket prices were decided by income. However, income does not dictate how much spare money someone has. Children, disabilities, housing insecurity… they all come with extra costs. This year, ticket price will be decided by disposable income – the money we spend on little extras that people on the poverty line don't have access to. Things like coffee shop beverages, concert tickets, days out, tattoos, holidays, shopping trips…

BiCon has never asked for proof of income from anyone. We do ask for everyone to go for a higher band if they can reasonably afford it, as this is what makes the difference between another attendee being able to attend, or potentially missing out.

Tickets for children are £30 if they are sharing a bedroom with you, or £50 if they have their own bedroom.

Monthly disposable income None <£50 <£100 <£200 <£300 >£300 org+support
Residential prices £140.00 £160.00 £180.00 £205.00 £230.00 £280.00 £350.00
Non-res prices £40.00 £45.00 £50.00 £60.00 £70.00 £80.00 £150.00
Online prices £4 £4.50 £5 £6 £7 £8 £15