Whether you're a BiCon first-timer or this is your twentieth year, it's normal to have questions. We'll try to answer them here.

Will BiCon be an online-hybrid event this year?
Two years of BiCon being online during the pandemic meant that people could attend who couldn't before – whether because of financial, mobility or distance reasons. We saw this, and decided that we would really like a hybrid event. The online version may not be as varied as 2020's & 2021's but we really want to keep that energy going.

Are you just going to stick webcams in session rooms?

No. That would be a privacy nightmare. We'll have a seperate online stream that in-person attendees can attend on their devices.

How will you manage covid?
Check out our covid policy!

What can I expect at a BiCon?

The only consistent thing that BiCon has had is a group of bi+ people and allies meeting for a long weekend! If you want to know what happened in previous years, check out https://bicon.org.uk/bicon-past where there are links to event websites going right back to 1996!

What do I wear?

Whatever you wear – every day or dress up – it's up to you! Please note that bums, nipples and genitals must be kept securely covered. The Ball on a Saturday evening usually has a theme, and lots of people dress in costumes. Don't feel you have to, though!

I'm coming for the first time – do you have any tips?

Don't feel you have to go to every single session! Just pace yourself and enjoy the weekend. There'll be plenty of chances to meet new people and socialise (if that's what you want to do). There will be topic tables in the bar and a first timers session which we'd welcome people to come along to!

What food will there be?

The campus cafe will be open until 10am, and all accomodation has a kitchen with a pack of plates, cutlery, and cookware. If you're staying off site, there's shops and cafes a few hundred metres from the campus entrance.

How many bedrooms are there per flat?

There are 11 bedrooms per flat, sleeping one person each.

When do I need to buy my tickets by?

Last accomodation tickets need to be bought by Friday June 24th.
Off-site and online tickets can be bought right up to BiCon itself.

Can BiCon help towards my travel costs?

We're afraid that BiCon can't help with travel costs. Reduced fares will come out 12 weeks before travel, so start checking train prices from 19th May. And have a look now at what the lowest prices look like so you can start budgeting for that. Also, join different local and online groups that contain BiConners – we're a friendly bunch, and you won't have to look far to find some people to share a taxi with.

Help! Stripe won't accept my payment!

Email us, and we'll work out an alternative method.

I don't know yet if I'll be able to make BiCon in Leeds!

If you're not sure, that's ok. Grab an online ticket so you're on our mailing list, and email us if you want to change it to an on-site ticket.

How much will it cost to bring my children?

Accomodation tickets for children are £30 if they are sharing a bedroom with you, or £50 if they have their own bedroom. Non-accomodation and online tickets are free for children.

I have another question!

Email the team at bicon2022@gmail.com. Please note that as we are all volunteers, we may not be able to respond straightaway.