Whether you're a BiCon first-timer or this is your twentieth year, it's normal to have questions. We'll try to answer them here.

Will BiCon be an online-hybrid event this year?
Two years of BiCon being online during the pandemic meant that people could attend who couldn't before – whether because of financial, mobility or distance reasons. We saw this, and decided that we would really like a hybrid event. The online version may not be as varied as 2020's & 2021's but we really want to keep that energy going.

Check out ourย page on a blended BiCon for more details,

Are you just going to stick webcams in session rooms?

No. That would be a privacy nightmare. We'll have a separate online stream that in-person attendees can attend on their devices.

How will you manage Covid?
Check out our Covid policy!

What can I expect at a BiCon?

The timetable is now available! See elsewhere on this site for more information.

What do I wear?

Whatever you wear – every day or dress up – it's up to you! Please note that bums, nipples and genitals must be kept securely covered.

The Ball on a Saturday evening has a Magical Nature theme, and lots of people dress in costumes. Don't feel you have to, though!

I'm coming for the first time – do you have any tips?

Don't feel you have to go to every single session! Just pace yourself and enjoy the weekend. There'll be plenty of chances to meet new people and socialise (if that's what you want to do). There will be topic tables in the bar and a first timers session which we'd welcome people to come along to!

Here is a suggested packing list.

What food will there be?

The campus cafe will be open for breakfast until 10am, and all accommodation has a kitchen with a pack of plates, cutlery, and cookware. If you're staying off site, there's shops and cafes a few hundred metres from the campus entrance.

See our page onย meals at BiCon for details.

How many bedrooms are there per flat?

There are 11 bedrooms per flat, sleeping one person each.

Does the accommodation have lifts?

Yes. They are least wide enough for a person with a walking stick or cane. We cannot currently confirm whether they are wide enough for a wheelchair (powered or un-powered), because the previous site visit was during term time and we had limited access to the accommodation block. We intend to confirm this as a matter of urgency when we can get access to the accommodation block.

What is a 'quiet' or a 'party' flat?

On the booking form, we ask people whether they want to be in a 'quiet' or a 'party' flat. The expectation is that a 'quiet' flat will be quiet every night and that a 'party' flat will have at least one night where people are noisy, probably early into the morning.

To be clear, this isn't a party as organised by the team, but an expectation that if people in the flat do have a party of some sort, this will be OK with other people in the flat. Also, none of this negates the code of conduct around behaviour – just because a person has said they're OK with a party flat, they shouldn't be expected to join in with anything they don't want to.

The party/quiet/other dynamic of a flat will always depend mostly on the people in it. This is just an attempt at a high level to group like-minded people together.

When do I need to buy my tickets by?

If you have previously done anti-racism training for BiCon, you can register to attend on-line here until the end of BiCon.

You can buy registrations in person at BiCon, but only between 8am โ€“ 9:45am on Friday and/or Saturday morning. You will then need to attend the anti-racism training session at 10am โ€“ 11am on that day. All attendees at this year's BiCon must attend anti-racism training, and this is the only way that we can make it work for registrations on the day.

If wish to attend in-person and can show that you have attended a previous BiCon anti-racism training session, then you may be able to register at a different time at our discretion, but we ask everyone to register during those times as a rule, as that will be when the desk is set up for it.

Can BiCon help towards my travel costs?

We're afraid that BiCon can't help with travel costs. Reduced fares will come out 12 weeks before travel, so start checking train prices from 19th May. And have a look now at what the lowest prices look like so you can start budgeting for that. Also, join different local and online groups that contain BiConners – we're a friendly bunch, and you won't have to look far to find some people to share a taxi with.

What time should I arrive?

You can arrive at the campus from 4pm onwards on Thursday.

What time does everything finish?

On the Sunday, those in accommodation will need to be out of their rooms by 10am. The photo is the last event and should finish by 2pm, after which will be clearing up (with everyone's help, hopefully!) and leaving.

If I haven't registered yet, can I still turn up?

We are no longer accepting new online registrations for BiCon.

Everyone attending in person on Friday or Saturday who has not completed anti-racism training must register between 8 & 9.30am in time to attend training at 10am.

How do I provide proof of Covid vaccination?

Our preferred proof of Covid vaccines is on the NHS app, as in the Covid policy. If you can't provide a Covid pass, proof like the card you received upon receiving the vaccine is acceptable, if your full name is on it.

How do I provide proof of a negative Covid test?

Bring either a negative test in a transparent baggie or a photo of a negative test you have taken in the past 24 hours.

I have another question!

Email the team at bicon.uk.2022@gmail.com. Please note that as we are all volunteers, we may not be able to respond straightaway.