Links from sessions

Some of the sessions at BiCon provided links to reading and other resources that could be shared after and beyond the session. This page attempts to collect them together. If there are any that you feel have been missed, please email, and we will add them.

BiCon Book Group

Links mentioned:

Multi-Faith Spiritual Space

Details of the HPST local and virtual groups as discussed in the session:

Psychological Self-Care session

Simon shared the following set of links after the session, sayingL 'these are some potentially helpful resources for relaxation and mindfulness exercises plus mental health apps. I'm not making any particular endorsements of any of these, just putting them out there for people to explore':

Queer in Academia session

Book recommendation from the session: Bi: The Hidden Culture, History and Science of Bisexuality by Dr Julia Shaw:, which has a related BBC podcast here:

Name change policy working group for publishers to allow people to update their names:

Rope bondage 101 session

(In case it's not obvious, these resources are not safe for work.)

Recommended resources from the session runners:

Diagrams for the munter hitch (or crossing knot or nodame):

Not free, but they are both queer trans folx so may be a bit better than the very prevalent cishet content you see around shibari:

YouTube bondage tuition channel by Christian Red:

Instructions on the Somerville Bowline:

Silent GROW coaching session

Questions for the session: