Meet the Team

Bethan (all pronouns welcome) – Co-ordinator
I'm really excited to work with this awesome team for BiCon this year. This will be my 18th BiCon, and first in a role that is more visible than gopher.
Favourite dinosaur: Archaeopteryx
Sophie (she/her) – helping with Venue and Tech things
A generalist with lots of hobbies including dancing, craft making, cuddling, eating vegan cakes.
Favourite dinosaur: Stegasaurus
Katy (she/her) – Ents and room allocation
Purple Prose editor, London BiFest organiser, previous BiCon team member, musicals enthusiast, ambivert, just likes organising stuff.
Ruth (they/them) – Comms
Writer, artist, folklore and fairytale lover, cat-cuddler.
Favourite dinosaur: Ankylosaurus
David M (he/him) – General Team Member
It's great to be part of the team bringing you the first in-person BiCon in a few years after a couple of highly successful virtual BiCons. I've been coming to BiCon since 2000, been on a couple of previous teams, and helped run several London BiFests.
Favourite dinosaur: Iguanadon, one of the classics
Ele (she/her) – Programme and workshops
I've been coming to BiCon since 2004. I run the Welsh bi groups amongst other equality stuff. In my spare time I enjoy all things alternative music related and meeting good people.
Favourite dinosaur: all of them, I can't choose a favourite
Fennec (they/them) – helping with Programme and workshops
I volunteer for last BiCon and was first time going. I've volunteered with a few local LGBTQIA+ groups for both adult and Young people. Work as counsellor and Artist. I enjoy music, arts, talking to people, gaming and role-playing. Proud Parent to Queer youths of my own and by choice.
Favourite dinosaur as yet undiscovered
Yvonne (she/her) – local info person/writer.
This will be my 6th BiCon but my first on a team! I'm into vintage fashion (especially 1960s and 1970s), live music (indie, alternative, DIY), and walking loads.
Fave dinosaur: Mamenchisaurus (cool herbivore)
Anna S (she/her) – helping with tech
I've been coming to Bicons since 2000 and am finally on a team. I love languages, nature, science and cycling and I'm a Quaker.
Favourite dinosaur – Ardea cinerea (grey heron – yes, birds are dinosaurs too!)
Rachel H (she/her) – Anti-racism Coordinator
This will be my 5th Bicon and my first as an official member of the team. I love reading, Star Trek, music, and vegan food.
Favourite dinosaur – I'm more of a prehistoric cat person