BiCon Gather space

There will be a BiCon Gather running all weekend (and indeed all the time, it's always available). We'll run a couple of specific drop-in sessions for chatting, but you can pop in whenever you like. The link will be provided to registered attendees.
Gather is an online social space best accessed via a laptop or PC, though it does work on phones etc. You navigate it by using arrow keys and pressing X to interact. If you'd like to get a feel for it, this is a public Gather space you can wander round:
The screenshots below should give you some idea of what to expect from the Gather space at BiCon, although there's really no substitute for trying it out yourself.
Screenshot of the main Gather space showing people's pixel avatars with their names above. The instructions 'use arrow keys to move' and 'press X to interact with objects' are visible on-screen.
Screenshot of a Gather session showing people's pixel avatars wandering round the representation of a path round a garden, with video screens of the people at the top