Session Runners

These are the bios of our session runners. See also the list of sessions here.

Abi Bevan

Abi completed a master's degree in Human Evolution and Behaviour before moving on to work in the mental health sector. She runs Cambridge Bisexual Pizza and loves going to the zoo.


Alan (they/them) is bisexual, non-binary and autistic. They run Nottingham BiTopia, a social and support group for bisexuals in the East Midlands, and have been involved in running workplace LGBT+ networks for the last 2 years.

Ele Hicks

Ele has been involved in the Bi scene and bisexual activism in the UK and Wales since 2004, when she attended her first BiCon. In 2007 she set up Bi Cymru/Wales, the all Wales bi+ network, with a group of dedicated volunteers. Since then she has helped to foster and grow bi groups in Swansea and Cardiff as well as delivering training on bi issues and inclusion in a variety of contexts; producing materials on bisexuality; stalls and outreach work; liaising with the Welsh public sector on bi inclusion and issues; and coordinating bisexual workplace issues and general bisexual issues in Wales surveys.

She was behind the first ever BiFest Wales in 2010 and every year until we took a break due to Covid-19, and works for an equality organisation as her day job.

Eunice Hung

Eunice Hung is a long time polyamory community organiser, and is involved in running the London Polyamory Meetup group, UK Polyamory Discord Server, Poly People Facebook group and Polyday UK. She is also a trainee counsellor, author, events organiser, and podcaster.

Gemma Renwick

Gemma is a neuroqueer wheelchair user who wants a more accessible world for us all to live in. She campaigns and tries to make this happen however she can with a strong focus on intersectional issues.


Giulia is the founder of the UK Polyamory Association. As a long term member of the polyamory community they heard a repeated want for resources and support and created UKPA from this need.

Grant Denkinson

Grant lives in Leeds these days. He's bisexual, polyamorous, kinky and various other things. He has a science / tech background and works in counselling / psychotherapy. This is his 28th BiCon. He likes photography and cooking veggie food.

Holly & Rick

Holly (she/her) and her partner Rick (he/him) are active members of their local rope community. As rope bondage enthusiasts Holly regularly teaches at their local beginners class, with Rick assisting as her model and dutiful rope bear.


John performs regularly (for fun) in improv, musicals, and opera around Birmingham. Occasional directing, improv teaching and show hosting. Basically delights in pratting about with people.

Jost Migenda

After growing up in Germany, Jost came to the UK in 2015 to do a PhD in astrophysics. They are now a postdoc at Kingโ€™s College London and spend their spare time doing physics outreach, listening to way too many podcasts and being part of the LGBTQ+ in STEM community.


Juke is a trans non binary bi polyam nerd. They're grateful to the community all of the support and knowledge sharing that helped them figure out who they are. Now they're trying to give back by sharing some of the skills learned at their job as a manager and software engineer.

They live in Darmstadt, Germany with their two cats, enjoy singing and Roller Derby as well as playing all of the games.


Karen has been at most BiCons since 2005. She's one of the original trustees of BiCon Continuity and is trying to find some successors so she can have a year off! She's a lawyer, polyamorous and a fan of coffee.


Katy is a longterm bi activist and event organiser.

Lila Hartelius

Lila Hartelius is a neurodiverse, bilingual (English & French), multidisciplinary queer artist and writer who is honoured to have had the opportunity to be a EuroBiCon workshop leader. She loves cats, creative and expressive arts, ecological intelligence, and brain-friendly approaches to anything from folding laundry to becoming an Olympic ice skater.


Ludy is autistic, an aunty and an activist. Their hobbies include knitting, drinking possibly too much coffee and recreational theology. During the Pandemic they have been part of several online groups exploring traditional Sacred Reading practices by applying them to popular modern books and media


Yorkshire MESMAC is one of the oldest and largest sexual health organisations in the country. At their Leeds base, their services focus on men who have sex with men and the trans community. Services include 1-2-1 support, counselling, and community outreach. Many local LGBTQ+ social groups base themselves in their building, including TransLeeds and Leeds Hunters RUFC (inclusive menโ€™s rugby union team). More information is at

At BiCon this year, MESMAC will be in Scarab on Friday from 11.30 until 3.00 offering HIV and STI testing to all attendees. They will also bring safer sex packs (condoms, lube, and some dental dams), and will have a stall in the Community Stalls space.


Nairmi (they/she) is a registered Music Therapist specialising in young people with complex needs and neuroqueer adults. They are also head of access for Birmingham Pride, chair of Brum Bi Group and a drag queen with the all disabled/neurodivergent House of Crip.

Rowan Alison

Rowan is an Intersectional Project Officer for Equality Network and a long time bi activist.

SJ Wyatt

(For their SF session) SJ is an artist and performer who is obsessed with all things sci-fi, has been going to both BiCon and sci-fi conventions for nearly a decade and has if sci-fi lovers and bisexuals were a venn diagram there would be a very large overlap. They are a keen Whovian they have painted their bathroom as a TARDIS .

(For their Writing stand-p session) SJ Wyatt is a performer who has performed across UK for over 20 years. Their style is darkly comic comments on the reality of living as a bisexual with bipolar and have performed at Bi Pride and CaBiRet. More recently they have been doing stand up in main stream audience. SJ stand up style is more quirky and upbeat. They want to appear to a broad range of audience however, over time they know if the audience has a high number of LGBT people and people who are a little nerdy or are both LBGT and nerdy they get bigger laughs.

Sophie Mason

On the team this year and have helped with BiCamp, Sophie is keen to help BiCon continue in some form!

Symon Hill

Symon is a queer Christian, pacifist, socialist, ex-homophobe and tea-drinker. He thinks the world would be a better place if it were more like BiCon. He likes tea, Jesus, Scrabble, kink, detective fiction and revolutionary nonviolence. His books include 'The Upside-Down Bible: What Jesus really said about money, sex and violence'. You can read more about him on the internet; some of it is even true. This is his tenth BiCon.