Venue videos

These videos show some of the rooms that will be used at BiCon 2022. They were taken at the site visit on 28 February, and apart from generally showing the rooms, they have a focus on wheelchair accessibility and lighting.

Not all areas were available on the 28 February site visit so, for example, none of the videos show the accommodation. There is now a separate page describing the accommodation at the venue.

NB: videos might not play in Safari.

Session classroom

We don't yet know exactly which rooms will be available to BiCon, but this video shows an example classroom of the type that we will be using, in one of the buildings that we will have rooms available in.

The James Graham Building

This is the central building at the venue. We have several rooms here:

The Great Hall is a large hall which will be used for social space and possibly some larger sessions.

The Acre Room is a smaller room which may also be used as social space or for sessions.

We have a Lecture Theatre, which may be used for panel-style sessions and full-BiCon sessions like the opening and closing ceremonies and the Decision-Making Session.

Most of the entrances to the James Graham building are by stairs, but there is a wheelchair-accessible ramp at the eastern entrance next to the building with the registration and bar.


The bar will be open in the evening and will be our main entertainment space.


The canteen will be open on Friday for lunches, and on Friday – Sunday for breakfast.