Covid Policy

Covid Policy


Covid and Omicrom variant infections are still high, and Covid is still a significant part of our lives. In order to enable clinically vulnerable people to be able to attend Bicon (in keeping with our access policy), we are putting some safeguards in place. We cannot eliminate the risk of Covid transmission at BiCon, but we can reduce likelihood.


For people to attend BiCon in person, we are asking for:

  • proof of vaccination (unless medically exempt – with official letter – or too young)
  • masks in indoor public areas when not eating/drinking (with self-certified exemptions)
  • Completed LFT within 24 hours of arrival
  • limiting numbers in public indoor spaces to allow for space
  • keeping windows open to create airflow
  • Only attending if symptom-free
  • use of outdoors



According to NHS guidance everyone 5 years old or over can get a first and second vaccine against Covid 19 and some people from 16 years have been offered a booster.

We would like every adult attending BiCon to have a Covid Pass* or proof of having both vaccines. To obtain a Covid Pass click on:

We have added instructions of how to get your proof of vaccination. If you're not sure how to get your Covid pass, please click here.

*unless medically exempt from having vaccine


We are aware that there are some people who are not medically exempt from vaccines and choose to not get vaccinated. After consideration, we have chosen to prioritise the in-person attendance of vulnerable BiConners who do not get to choose their susceptibility to Covid over that of those who make the choice to not get vaccinated. We invite people who choose to not attend in person to attend the event online.



We request that attendees remain masked in workshops and other indoor public spaces. If there is someone present who lip reads, then speakers will need to lower their masks before speaking. Masks with transparent windows will also be provided. Workshop leaders can unmask to present to the room if they are socially distanced from other participants and there is sufficient ventilation, with the agreement of those present at the session.


At the bar, if people are drinking they will need their mask down, but the dancefloor will need to be a masked space.


We will be providing masks at the front desk in case they are needed. Hand sanitisers will also be available in public spaces, but attendees will need to provide their own for flats if wished for.



We will be accepting a photo of a completed negative LFT as proof of not having coronavirus. Or you can go on to the to record Covid results via


We will have some LFT tests at the venue, but we request that people try to obtain their own if possible.


Limiting numbers in public indoor spaces

We’ll ask workshop leads to make sure that sessions do not exceed capacity, and will provide signs for doors so people can see whether the session is open or not.

We will request that session leaders keep a couple of spaces free for people with mobility impairments who may not be able to travel as quickly to sessions as others.

We cannot limit numbers in the bar, cafe, or games, craft and quiet rooms so we ask attendees to use their discretion about whether they feel safe to use a space.

Given the likelihood of dry weather, the registration space will be outdoors to manage Covid risk, as this is not an optional part of BiCon.

Windows open

All public indoor spaces have doors and windows that open. We request these are kept open to allow for airflow (doors can be closed in cases of sessions discussing confidential issues). It will be summer, so this will hopefully be pleasant.



We request that if you have any cold- or flu-like symptoms to not attend BiCon. We will give a full refund in this case.



Leeds Beckett is the ideal venue for outdoor space. It has a massive central green that we hope people make the most of! The weather forecast is looking warm and dry. We’ve researched marquees, but these are sadly outside of BiCon’s budget, so think your balmiest thoughts and make the most of the open spaces!



Will you accept my word that I have a vaccine exemption if I don’t want you seeing my private medical records?

We don’t need to see your medical records – if you have a medical exemption you can request a letter from the NHS which will just say “legit medical exemption” with no private details.


I am not vaccinated and cannot get a letter saying I have a medical exemption.

In this case we invite you to attend BiCon online this year.