Agenda for the Decision-Making Plenary

As with last year, I have added provisional timings to the items on the agenda. Those timings may slip either way depending on how many people want to speak on each item, but I will try to keep to them approximately in order to get through the whole business. Timings are based on roughly how much interest was shown at the pre-DMP session.

I have scheduled a 15-minute break in the middle of the session. Please return promptly if you leave.

Welcome and introduction

Minutes of previous meeting

Continuation of anti-racism training

Question: should the mandated anti-racism training continue to be in force at the next BiCon?

BiCon Continuity Report and discussion

BiCon Continuity Ltd will present a report. Some attendees have indicated that they want to discuss BiCon Continuity Ltdโ€™s current and future role, in the knowledge that the DMP doesnโ€™t bind BiCon Continuity Ltd, but can influence its thinking.

The Name of the Meeting

Question: should this meeting be called:

  • The BiCon Decision-Making Plenary?
  • The BiCon Decision-Making Meeting?
  • The BiCon Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

If there is a vote to change the name, this will amend the BiCon Guidelines.

15-minute session break

Future BiCon discussion

A wide-ranging discussion about what we want BiCon to be, how it relates to the wider bi+ communities, and how to make it sustainable, not least in terms of teams able and willing to run it.

We recognise that this overlaps somewhat with the The Future session on Sunday. We think this is a large enough discussion that it can fuel at least two sessions, and hope that some of the ideas discussed here will also be discussed at that session.

Several people are likely to bring topics for discussion. There may be some more detailed proposals mooted before the DMP; please watch Discord and other places for discussions.

Likely topics for discussion:

  • Finance model
  • Team model – how do we make jobs more manageable by volunteers? Smaller, compartmentalised roles? Roles or teams for (probably small) tasks that carry over for multiple years?
  • Information management and how to carry it over year-on-year
  • Who do we want BiCon to be for?
  • Should the DMP be decoupled from BiCon? Entirely online? Over several sessions? In part or in full a living document, edited by the community? Should it be the ongoing responsibility of a team outside BiCon? Does it take up too much space? Not enough?
  • Could we run a non-residential BiCon? Either a one-day event or one where the team took no part in arranging accommodation? A BiCon in conjunction with a hotel/hotels offering discount codes?
  • BiCamp is (or feels like) a community-for-the-community event. BiCon felt like that too in the past; should we aim for that again? How?

Any Other Business