This is the list of sessions that have been confirmed so far. We are still sorting out the exact timings for these, and will publish a session grid as soon as those have been finalised. Those sessions with an (R) have an explicit restriction on who can attend, and please also respect the general attendance wishes of session runners in the session descriptions.

Sessions may be in-person only, online only, or run as blended session with both an in-person and online component over Zoom. Each session indictaes which type it is.

For more information on the session runners, click here.

30 years since the Scala Cinema… with queer films (R)

Run by Ian (in-person)

18s and over only

2022 is the 30th anniversary of the very queer-friendly Scala Cinema in London having to close, and we will show a couple of the films that made it such a unique venue.

Announcement sessions

Run by the BiCon Team (blended)

Short sessions at the start of Saturday and Sunday where we will read out announcements from the team, the venue, and any attendees. If you want us to read out an announcement, please drop it into the postbox at the registration desk. (We reserve the right to filter them.) There will also be a slot for announcements during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Ball Decor Raffle

Run by Katy (in-person)

As usual, we'll be raffling off a lot of the Ball decor. (Not all of it – some of it belongs to people, so we can't guarantee any specific item will be part of the raffle.) Buy a £1 ticket and come to the bar on Sunday at midday for the draw – you're virtually guaranteed  to win something!

Bi lives during the pandemic

Run by Grant Denkinson (blended)

In the midst of a global pandemic, how are we emotionally? Space to talk about how our lives have been and are affected by covid.

Bi Oral History

Run by Katy (in-person)

Are you interested in contributing to the creation of a bi oral history archive, as a participant or as an oral historian or both? This is a session to discuss how we can move forward with this project. (If you can't make the session feel free to get in touch with Katy directly to express interest.)

Bi poly apes: homosexual and non-monogamous behaviour in primates (R)

Run by Abi Bevan (blended)

Over 16s only

Homosexual and non-monogamous behaviour is considered by some to be 'unnatural', but is it? Come and learn about the diversity of relationships primates (including humans) engage in. You won't need any particular scientific background to learn about how evolution has shaped our behaviour. Cn: this lecture will include some use of binary terms and will mention sex, pregnancy, miscarriage and infanticide.

BiCon Biscuit swap

Run by Jude Parker (in-person)

Do you enjoy baking? do you want to share that joy with your fellow bisexuals? if you would like to do this, bring a box of your favourite biscuits (with ingredients & allergies list) to the BiCon Biscuit Swap. come, mingle, nibble, and leave with a range of interesting baked goods.

we will have a collection tin for Biscuit. optional, no suggested donation.

BiCon Book Group

Run by Rachel Hallows (blended)

Book discussion group – we'll talk about Meg-John Barker's 3 graphic novels: Queer, Sexuality, and Gender. Please read any or all of them before the session. I'll have Queer and Sexuality with me if you want to borrow either to read before the session.

BiCon Continuity – meet [some of] us

Run by Karen (blended)

A space to meet at least some of the Continuity Trustees, to find out more about Continuity and to talk about some of the medium to longer term issues around organising BiCons and some related bi community events. Please come if you're interested in the future of BiCons.

Bicon Sing-a-long (R)

Run by Nairmi (in-person)

Under 16s with parents permission please

Come along and sing your favourite pop songs, rock songs and musical theatre tunes. All voices and experience levels welcome. This session will run outside on The Acre green lawn if the weather is suitable.

Biphobic hate crime

Run by Ele Hicks (in-person)

This workshop will address issues such as would bi people report hate crime as homophobic? What stops bi people reporting hate crime? Are these issues different from the reasons lesbian and gay people don't report or what are the different issues? Would mentioning biphobic hate crime encourage people to report?

You don't have to have experienced hate crime to get involved in this workshop, all participants will have a chance to express their views.

BIPOC safer space session (R)

Run by Eunice (in-person)

See description for restriction

A safer space for BIPOC and other racially minoritised people to share experiences, thoughts and tips about the intersection of race, culture and queerness – the good, the bad and the ugly – and to just hang out with other folks in the know. If you identify as BIPOC, racially minoritised, part of the Global Majority, or similar, you are very welcome!

Closing Ceremony

Run by the BiCon Team (blended)

The end of BiCon. We thank everyone and bid you a fond farewell.

Clothes (etc) Swap

Run by Katy (in-person)

Bring your clothes and accessories (clean and in reasonable condition) and take what you like. No actual swapping required! You can just donate or just take. Anything left over at the end of BiCon will be donated to charity shops.

I'm running the Friday swap – the Sunday one is just a reminder for people to go and take stuff, in the hope that we don't get left with loads of stuff to take home.

Dance Meditation

Run by Q Love (in-person)

Dance or don't dance – it's up to you. If you want to simply listen that's fine. If you want to fly that's equally fine. Hand over and let go. Loose clothing probably good, but not essential. No experience necessary – your body will tell you what to do.

Decision-Making Plenary

Runner to be confirmed (blended)

BiCon's AGM. The Decision-Making Plenary (DMP) is the session where BiCon makes decisions about things like who’s going to run BiCon in future years, any bi projects that BiCon might help to fund and whether any changes need to be made to the BiCon guidelines. See more details in the section on this session.

Updatesee the agenda here.

Disability Empowerment

Run by Nairmi (blended)

Disability empowerment session will be a time for physically disabled, chronically ill, neurodivergent and mentally ill folks to gather and share their best ways for surviving and thriving in this harsh world. Content warnings are active for discussions of difficult topics and as part of the safe space, we welcome able allies and carers but ask that they focus on listening to disabled voices.

Fitting and Misfitting

Run by Timothy Williams (in-person)

A exploration of intersectionality, identity, seemings and labels. Deep questions but fast paced.

The Future

Run by Sophie Mason (blended)

Pie in the sky or practicalities, discussion and idea generating and yes we are looking for volunteers but do come if you just have ideas too!

Guided meditation

Run by Q Love (in-person)

Sit, close your eyes, and let the words start a journey to wherever you wish or feel guided to travel.

The Human Cat (Pet) Café (R)

Run by Abi Bevan (in-person)

18s and over only

A session for all the petplayers and the hoomans that enjoy feline and canine company (other animal personas welcome). We can discuss petplay of course but this will be quite an informal session. Bring toys (balls, sugar mice etc) and gear (ears etc) if you like or just bring yourselves!

Intro to improv comedy

Run by John (in-person)

Improv comedy is a joy to watch but even more fun to do. In this workshop I'll take you through some basic warm up games and exercises into improvised scenes in miniature. Come and play!

Little adults play space (R)

Run by Heather (in-person)

18 and over only

A safe space for Littles and Parents/Guardian to bring their teddy bears, crayons, dolls, and other games to play with other adult-children. Please note this is not a workshop on age play.

Make your own fidget toys (R)

Run by Gemma Renwick (in-person)

Neurodivergent folks only

In this workshop we'll be making a selection of fidget toys. These include keyrings, at least one piece of jewelry and at least one chewy item.

People who are bi+are more likely to be neurodivergent and this who are neurodivergent are more likely to be bi+ so I thought that it would be good if those of us that fall into that intersection got to make ourselves some tools to help with self regulation.

MESMAC HIV and STI testing

Run by MESMAC (in-person)

MESMAC will be offering HIV and STI testing to all attendees.

Monogamy, polyamory – what lies in-between?

Run by Ele Hicks (in-person)

A discussion based session around the grey space between polyamory and monogamy.

Discussing experiences of different relationships beyond a polyamorous/monogamous binary, whether definitions are important and do we always understand what other people mean by the words they use to describe the vast array of relationships that don't fit under the strict monogamy or polyamory labels.

MultiFaith Spiritual Space

Run by Ludy (online)

A multi-sensory session exploring being spiritual in Bi spaces and Bi in spiritual spaces – through discussion, sound, mark-making and (gentle) movement. Open to people of all faiths and of none.

Naked Lunch (R)

Run by Alan (in-person)

18s and over only

18s and over only. BiCon's clothes-optional picnic; a social get-together, with nudity! Please bring your lunch, and something to sit on (a towel or blanket is recommended). Chairs are available. Informal, friendly, calm, with lots of chill-out space. You don't have to be naked; dress or undress however you are comfortable (there will be some full nudity). Covid safety note: because people will be eating, masks are optional at this session.

Neurdivergent safe space (R)

Run by Sage (in-person)

Neurodivergent people only

A safe space for neurodivergent people (self-diagnosed welcome).

New bis

Run by Timothy Williams (blended)

A discussion group for those who are new to being bi, new to being out, new to this community or just supportive or interested.
We will discuss subjects on identity and terminology, intersectionality, suggest some resources, and try to help people to make some new connections in a new space.

No Pride in War: being a queer anti-militarist

Run by Symon Hill (in-person)

Queer liberation not rainbow capitalism! How does campaigning for queer freedom relate to resisting the violent and unjust structures all around us – including the violence of war and militarism? The No Pride in War campaign was launched by peace groups and LGBT+ campaigners in response to arms companies sponsoring Pride events and uniformed troops marching in Pride parades. In this session, we will consider how best to resist military pinkwashing and look at what we can learn from the campaign's successes and failures so far. We won't avoid tough questions as we seek to learn from each other, share ideas and make plans together.

Opening Ceremony

Run by the BiCon Team (blended)

A welcome to BiCon, and introduction of the Team. We hope you enjoy it

Out and Proud in the Workplace

Run by Sophie Robinson and Lucy Power (in-person)

We will be exploring how people feel about being out as bi+ at work. We will give advice on legal protections and how to challenge unsupportive employers. We will also provide an overview of the work UNISON is doing to promote bi+ inclusion and challenging biphobia.

Pre-Decision-Making-Plenary session

Runner to be confirmed (blended)

This session sets the agenda for the Decision-Making Plenary (BiCon's AGM, see separate entry). It allows the issues and proposals to be discussed in a smaller, more manageable group, where suggestions can be made, and the ideas may be refined.

If you want something discussed at the DMP, it's important to bring it to this session if at all possible. See the DMP page for more details.

Polyamory 101: a super quick speedrun through the fundamentals

Run by Eunice Hung (in-person)

A brief intro to polyamory for folks just starting out on the road to consensual non-monogamy. If you’re totally new to polyamory this is for you. We will cover some basic concepts, weird and wonderful terminology, relationship styles and common myths you might encounter.

Psychological self-care for BiCon

Run by Simon Draycott (runs twice: in-person on Friday and blended on Saturday)

BiCon can be an intense experience in both positive and negative senses. This session will be an opportunity to talk about and practice some self-care techniques to help looking after your mental wellbeing over BiCon. We can look at relaxation methods, mindfulness techniques and self-soothing strategies, depending on what is helpful for the attendees. It's important to note that this will just be an opportunity to share and practice simple self-care techniques, and can't take the place of psychological therapy or crisis support.

Queer in academia

Run by Jost Migenda (blended)

In this session, we want to talk about being queer in academia. Share your own experiences or discuss how to improve the situation through more visibility & representation as well as concrete steps like pushing academic publishers to adopt name change policies.

Queer representation in video games

Run by Fern

A discussion and chat about the pros, cons, and general lack thereof.

Rope Bondage 101 (R)

Run by Holly & Rick (run twice: one in-person, one online)

18 and over only

A brief introduction to rope bondage. In this session we will cover safety and some of the basic ties that will help get you started on your bondage journey! Please bring your own rope and shears if possible, a small amount of practice rope and shears will be made available.

Running a workplace LGBT+ network that represents bi+ voices

Run by Alan (in-person)

The session will cover Alan’s experience of coming out as bisexual at work, setting up an LGBT+ network and organising workplace bi+ initiatives. Attendees are encouraged to share their own experiences and discuss ways to make their workplace LGBT+ networks represent bi+ voices.

Sci fi Bi Bis in science fiction

Run by SJ Wyatt (blended)

This is a group discussion looking at sci fiction how bisexuals are portrayed in Science fiction , what favourite Bi science fiction characters are.

Sea Shanty Singalong

Run by John (in-person)

Group singing is one of life’s truest joys. As is pretending to be a pirate. Yet daily life provides inadequate provision for either. Classic shanties like ‘A Drop of Nelson’s Blood’, ‘John Kanaka’ and ‘Cape Cod Girls’ are tremendous fun. No fine musicality needed. No ability to read music. No previous knowledge of the songs. These are songs a crew of rough sailors ought to be able to pick up entirely by ear. Lots of call and response and simple (but rollicking) choruses. I’ll bring lyric sheets and sing through as many as fit in an hour and a bit.

Sex and the Bible

Run by Symon Hill (in-person)

What does the Bible really say about sex and sexuality? Have the anti-queer crowd got it right when they say the Bible condemns us? (Spoiler: no they haven't, but the answers are complex as well as fascinating.) This session is a crash course on how the New Testament approaches sexuality. We will look at the context of the times before diving into a couple of passages of teaching attributed to Jesus, finding some creative ways to relate to them and asking if they can help us today.

This session is open to all, but is particularly relevant to people with little knowledge or experience of the Bible. It is open to people of all faiths and none and is not an attempt to convert you.

Silent GROW coaching

Run by Juke (run twice: one in-person, one online)

Have a problem or goal you've been thinking about? This session will help you do some structured exploration.

After a short intro of what the GROW coaching model is, I will ask the group questions over the span of half an hour or so.
Instead of sharing your answers with me or others, you'll be silently writing on a piece of paper.

Unfortunately, joining late won't work since the questions build on each other – I'm happy to supply you with the questions afterwards so you can go through them in your own time 🙂

Please bring a problem you have or a goal you've yet to achieve!

Still Complicated?

Run by Rowan (in-person)

In 2015 Equality Network published Complicated? One of very few pieces of large scale research into the experience of bi+ people in the UK. This year we are running an improved survey so that we can publish a new publication called Still Complicated? which we hope will help to improve bi+ inclusion in services and intersectional inclusion in bi+ groups and events. In this session we'll introduce the research and gather your responses, both through the survey and in other ways. Come along if you have anything to say about bi+ inclusion, biphobia, and how services can improve for you – we'd love to hear from you!

UK Polyamory Association: Support for the polyamorous community

Run by Giulia (in-person)

The UK Polyamory Association is a new organisation which exists to support the needs of polyamorous people and communities across the UK. We aim to increase public awareness and acceptance of polyamory, and fight stigma through advocacy, positive representation, and education. This session is an overview of who we are, what we do, and what our vision, ethics, and goals are.

With love from me to me: Cultivating resilience in long-term self-care

Run by Lila Hartelius (online)

As individuals with marginalised identities, we may often experience minority stress. This stress can be chronic due to hostile environments and oppressive social constructs. Self-care can therefore be a particularly important element to integrate into our daily lives to help cultivate and maintain long-term personal well-being. In this session, I will share insights gained through personal research involving stress regulation and self-compassion that have helped me navigate self-care with greater effectiveness. Though this session is intended for all individuals interested in the question of how to optimise and sustain self-care, the session's content may be of particular interest to individuals whose relationship to self-care is impacted by executive function challenges or demand avoidance.

Writing stand up workshop (R)

Run by SJ Wyatt (in-person)

18s and over only. Limited to 12 people (there will be a sign-up sheet near Registration)

In this workshop participants will get a chance to write and share some jokes using different techniques.